Fatigue and the Lie of the Self

I have been thinking about fatigue and why I am tired much of the time. It’s not that I walk around with my head hanging, gasping for air—it’s that I’ll be fine and happy and suddenly, out of nowhere it seems, I’m so tired I can barely finish a sentence, never mind read a book or answer emails or have a thought that feels important. This kind of fatigue is exhausting. It’s like: how can I keep going?

Disappointment and Grit

I’m working on a book about money, and I was thinking about self-worth. I was trying to remember the first time I felt like a failure around money, like I was not good with it or that I was like a piggy bank with no bottom, something money/value ran through.

New Year's Resolutions and Who Are You, Anyway?

What if instead of New Year’s Resolutions we called them New Year’s Dreams? What if we treated goals as dreams, and dreams as imaginable targets instead of someday but not today escape routes? What if we had the courage to name what we really wanted even if it seemed petty or impossible?

Swaggering into the New Year and Robbing Banks

Making resolutions every new year when you are coming from a place of lack is tricky business. In a way, who gives a shit what you hope to accomplish because it’s not going to be enough anyway. If you feel like a wall full of holes, all your resolutions are going to focus on the leaks, and the needs of the wall itself won’t be addressed.

The Terrifying Tiger in the Jungle of Your Life is You

This is all to say that you have your heart that beats, and the sound it makes is steady and true, and then you have this maniac in your head who wants you to believe the sky is about to fall. What I want to tell you is, I am listening to you in a new way, you silly maniac, and you are finally starting to bore me.

The Guts to Write with Kate Scarlata and Me

If your body is all jacked up because of caffeine, because of sugar, because of food allergies or sensitivities it’s really hard to focus. You’re like a camera with a blurry lens. It’s hard to even know what you really feel or think when your guts are telling you something is wrong.