Growing Balls

Mind you, I have never agreed with Freud’s theory of penis envy. I never, ever, ever wished I had one of those things dangling out in front of my pelvis. It seemed like a design flaw. Balls, by proxy, were in the same box. The box of no thank you. I like what I got. It’s secretive. Mine. I don’t have to get special gear when I run or do sports to protect my nether parts. What I have seems to make so much more sense than the other package option. 

Why You Should Do Write or Die

A Write or Die session is like having someone (well, two people: you and me together) clean both your windshield and your rearview mirror. It’s easier to move forward with a project or a plan or a dream when you can see both where you are going and where you have been and, as you check your look in the mirror, where you are now.