About You


Believe it or not, writing is not a trip you want to take alone. I have three ways that I can help you to get out of your own way and write the story you need to tell.  Scroll down to be inspired.



93 Days to a Manuscript

The goal of this program goal is to ensure you have a finished draft of a 100- to 250-page manuscript at the end of the 93 days. 

It can be done.  

I know from experience what it took for me to go from starting my memoir to finishing the first draft. After trying to write this book for almost thirty years, I finally had to tell myself it was “write or die” and that I had no choice but to be finished at the end of the 93 days. And so I was. 

A key element aside from your personal commitment is having an accountability partner. That means I will:

  • Be there every day to check in on you
  • Review your writing to help keep your voice strong
  • Act as a voice of reason and support
  • Ensure you know that your project matters  

Basically, I will serve as a really smart, intuitive cheerleader who won’t let you back away from your commitment. I am someone who believes in the story you need to tell.

How It Works

We communicate a lot. For those 93 days, we will be in daily contact either through email, text, or by phone. I can offer up to thirty minutes a day to either talk with you, read your work and edit or offer comments, or a combination of both. The result? You will have done it. A completed manuscript—the one you thought would never emerge.  

Fee:  $3000



Private Sessions
In Person, or Via Phone or Skype

My greatest strength is helping people uncover their authentic voice while finding the heart of their writing project. I have over twenty years experience of teaching writing to both children and adults, and I firmly believe that we are all writers—despite the psychic damage that might have been done by the red pen in school. As your writing coach, my goal is to make writing feel like talking for you. To make it a powerful tool, a pleasure.

Fee: $125 per hour



Third Saturday of Each Month
1–4pm in San Jose, California

To get a project done, it’s helpful to have instruction, community, and accountability. These intensives offer all three. You will work hard for three hours, writing and writing and reading out loud and writing some more, and you will get feedback to help you feel powerfully grounded in voice and purpose. You will have a group of people who are doing the same kind of work that you are, and this will bring you continued support and community after you walk out the door.

After the first class, you have the option to join the accountability class, a group of writers who meet the second Saturday of every month doing the same work, but with a commitment to finish a project by a self-determined time. 

Fee: $150 per session