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Day 12 - A Recorded Session with My Coach Katie Peuvrelle - The Baby Has a Chainsaw

Day 12 - A Recorded Session with My Coach Katie Peuvrelle - The Baby Has a Chainsaw

Today is day 12 of my 93-day Metamorphize or Die project. I started out saying I was doing it to get a place of my own to live. Then I changed it to trying to get my guts in working order so I could have a great poop by the end of 93 days. Really, really, I didn’t have a specific goal; I’d just found myself in a rut, and I knew I needed to do something, but I didn’t know what, specifically. I’d changed my life before in 93 days by writing a book, and it was an amazing time for me, so I thought I’d repeat that experience as best I could: I’d put all my energies into completing somethingby the end of 93 days. At the very least, the something will be 93 blog posts.

I am so curious what my life will be like August 1. I feel like I’ve thrown myself off a cliff, only, at the same time, I feel like I’m riding a train that is hurtling down foundationally solid tracks. What that means is that I feel like I’m going somewhere fast, only I have no idea where it is. 

And I’m really enjoying the ride. The fall. This trip. 

It doesn’t feel like I tripped, though. It feels more like flight, like, Wow! It’s so fun to be focused and offering work to the world that might help both me and at least one other person to live the best life possible.  

For the last twelve days I have stuck with the food plan Dr. Mark Lucas gave me (except for the fact that I have coffee in the morning) and I feel really good. I am more cheerful, more easygoing, less distracted, more at home in my body. My poops are pretty good. I’d give them a 7 on a scale from 1-10. I’m betting the coffee may be keeping them from a 10, but the fact that they are going into the toilet and not my pants is a huge deal. So, for now, the coffee stays. I’ve lost five pounds and it’s interesting to feel how I’d been using extra weight to both ground and numb myself. I like this lightness. It’s different from when I used to diet all those years ago. I’m not doing it so you’ll like me. I’m doing it so my head and stomach feel good and so I can feel present in my life.

Yesterday I went to Katie Peuvrelle to talk about, I thought, my increasingly introverted behavior, but, in classic Katie style, she was quick to bring me to the larger question: What about the fact I’d said my goal for the 93 days was to have a place of my own to live? This thing happens when Katie hits the topic I most need to cover: my brain doesn’t understand what she is talking about, and that’s what happened today. My brain folded and went quiet. I knew she was onto something, especially since I wanted to say, No, thank you, and walk out the door. 

Below is a recording of our session. I used my phone, so the quality isn’t as high as it would have been if we’d been in a recording studio or if I’d brought a microphone, but I’m hoping that it’s good enough for you to feel you are in the room with us. I’m hoping you’ll be able to relate to some of what we talk about, and that this ends up being a free coaching session for you.

I only cried four times, and I left feeling euphoric. 


See you tomorrow





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