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Day 79 - Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool

Day 79 - Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool

How do we know what a good poop even is? My friend Melissa sent me a chart like this on Instagram today and I realized, much to my uninformed shock, I’d been chasing a poop that doesn’t even make the charts. I had this idea of what a healthy poop looks like and I’d never researched it! 

I mean, what the heck? This entire 93-day project revolved around my desire to have a stellar stool and I was relying on some image in my brain of what that was. And I didn’t even know I was doing that. I just assumed because this picture of a victorious hard rocket shooting its way into the toilet bowl was in my head that someone smart must have put it there.

I can’t stop swearing, but I’m in a coffee shop so I’m just whispering. 

What else do know for sure that I haven’t even thought to question? 

Seventy-nine days ago I regularly had type 7 (because I know you are dying to picture this). I am now regularly at type 4. ROCK ON! I can’t believe it. I am a rocking pooper and I didn’t even know it. 

To get here, I have given up coffee, kombucha, dairy products, and gluten. I started out at 153 pounds and now weigh 141. I generally sleep through the night, a radical change from the thin sleep I had before. And the irony was that I was feeling like a failure because I didn’t have the rocket poop.

Jeeeeeez. What if everything else in my life is type 4, also? 

What if everything is okay?

What then?

See you tomorrow.




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