Day 66 - Eating Dirt


I'm reading the book Eat Dirt and learning a lot about how to treat leaky gut. 

I had bone broth for breakfast. It was delicious. Warm. Nourishing. Now I’m eating a half-heartedly washed carrot from the farmer’s market that’s going on right now, even on the July 4th, in Santa Cruz and some cheese made from unpasteurized goat’s milk.

I am a walking intestinal experiment.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and while I was at the market, I had an oyster that was the size of a child’s hand. I tried to let it slide into my mouth, but it was so huge it went halfway in and then came to a full stop. Do you know what it’s like to carry a bag of produce through a crowded farmer’s market with an oyster hanging out of your mouth? 

Cleary I do.

It’s awesome. Oysters have not yet been talked about in the book, but I have high hopes they have their own thumb's up section.

My abdomen feels really good right now. Fed. Healthy. Granted, I woke up and did a 30-minute yoga nidra meditation with Tias Little on Yogaglo this morning, so the day was off to a soft start, and then I went for a walk and then I went and watched a documentary on Vivienne Westwood, so it wasn’t like there was a whole lot of stress in my life except for the fact that my bank account is tanking, but that’s my core story: I don’t have enough money, and I’m learning to live with it without reacting to see if I can’t turn it around. What you worry about is what you manifest, right? So maybe I will worry about having too much money instead or what I will do when all adopted people--all people--feel they are thriving. 

Happy July 4th. 

See you tomorrow.