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Leap into Your Dreams with Katie Peuvrelle and Me

Leap into Your Dreams with Katie Peuvrelle and Me

Katie Peuvrelle changed my life. 

Here’s what she did: imagine a box. Imagine someone like me (okay, me) trapped in the box. Now imagine someone showing up and pointing to doors I hadn’t known existed. Picture me stepping out of the box. See me get divorced. See me go to New York and write a book. See me claim my life. See me not only daring to dream but feeling it is my life’s work to manifest dreams for myself and others. 

I used to want to get smaller, not take up much space, not impose myself on the world. 

That’s over. I have learned that being yourself is not imposing yourself in the world: being yourself is fully participating with the world and, in doing so, having access to unlimited love and strength. 

After over twenty years, I’m leaving California and to play with some dreams on the other coast. I want to mark this transition by doing something meaningful to me, and so I asked Katie if she would collaborate on a one-day workshop where we could help others jumpstart their wildest (and perhaps deeply hidden) dreams. I’ll do shoot-for-the-moon writing exercises with you, and Katie will do her neurolinguistic and reframing tricks that help you get your brain out of the boring, scary, dark side and back into the strength, possibility, and wonder of the light side: your true self. 

Katie wrote a wonderful book called Leapnot too long ago, and in it, among other things, she outlines some of her secrets for getting high-performance athletes to show up at the top of their game. The truth is, we are all high-performance athletes, for when played right, life is a game, right? A game we get to play when all systems are operating at their highest potential. 

One thing I love so much about Katie and her work is that she uses her education in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to rework how your brain perceives the world and things you see as hurdles or walls or ceilings. For example, once I told Katie I felt like I was walking on a tightrope, and she said, “What if the tightrope is on the ground?” My brain loves that stuff. The danger I was so focused on was just in my mind! I am not at risk! I am on a tightrope that’s on the ground!! 

Since I started working with Katie, I have co-written a movie that won New York Times Critic’s Choice and I wrote a book that I’d been trying to write for thirty years. But even more than that, I have found my voice, my sense of self, my calling as a writing coach, and the thrill of knowing the world has my back and, when I am in the right mental state and outline my desires and intentions, magic happens. 

I want you to be part of this. 

If you are in the Bay Area, please join us on April 14th from 1-4 p.m. in downtown Willow Glen to play with us, surprise yourself, and leap into your dreams.


Space is limited

Contact me at anneheffron@gmail.comfor more details. 

Learn more about Katie here: https://www.katiepeuvrelle.com



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