Meet the Author and Book Signing to Benefit Gift of Adoption Fund

NORTHBROOK, IL (October 26, 2016) -- As part of National Adoption Awareness Month, BOOKS ‘n’ BOTTLES will feature award-winning screenwriter Anne Heffron and her new memoir, “You Don’t Look Adopted”. In addition to conversation with the author and book signings, a wine tasting with refreshments will be served and raffles will be held. 

All proceeds will benefit the Gift of Adoption Fund whose mission is to fill the void that separates child from family – through adoption assistance grants that give vulnerable children a permanent home and the chance to thrive.  Pre-reservation discounts are available at

Two Events!



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My friend told me I was too old to still be talking about my adoption, so I decided to talk about it even more.


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Surround yourself with positive people. Have a goal, she says. When the dark time comes and you think everything you write is crap, remember that youre your own biggest critic.


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An artist is never fulfilled. Its like a money-less pit; you have to keep creating or you feel empty. I have to write every day.


Anne Heffron tells her story in the book, You Don't Look Adopted. Writing can be cathartic and healing for so many people, and Anne's story not only has helped her, but I believe it will enlighten others who do not understand adoptees and provide other adoptees with camaraderie and healing.