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Hello, Gorgeous!

I’m Anne, and I offer writing as a transformational tool.

Anne Heffron smiling window in background

I have been teaching writing for most of my adult life, but I think of myself more as a use writing to live your best life coach than a writing teacher. 


It is a holy thing when people believe they are worthy of attention and feel empowered to write or speak their truths. 


One reason I love working with groups so much is that the power of mirroring and being mirrored is, in my mind, so great it is unmeasurable. 


It’s my deepest pleasure to write a giant permission slip for people to live their truths and to witness how a person changes when they grab hold of that permission slip and run through the door of freedom. 


Through this process what I have seen over and over again is that people shed shame, fear, loneliness, and grief and step more fully into the wild feeling of this is me, this is my body, this is my place in the world. 

The CV bit:



B.A. in English/Creative Writing from SUNY Binghamton (with stops along the way at Kenyon, Smith, and Occidental–sorry, Mom and Dad)


M.F.A. in Fiction from University of Oregon




Creative Writing Teacher at Writers in the Schools, Houston, TX

Lecturer at San José State University, San José, CA

Writing Teacher (various girls’ juvenile halls) with The Art of Yoga, San José, CA

Licensed Massage Therapist, San José, CA

So who is this work for?

This is really radical.

graphic of jumping rabbit
graphic of jumping rabbit
graphic of jumping rabbit

Anyone who feels stuck and wants to be heard and seen.

Anyone who wants deep permission to be themselves.

Anyone who thinks they aren’t a writer but feels they have something to say. 

We are our own gift to the world—the unique presence and voice of us—and if we keep our light dim, then we die and no one, not even ourselves, will ever have fully experienced the wonder of who we were. The wonder of who we are. 
graphic of jumping rabbit
How I came to do this work

My mother’s lifelong dream was to be a writer, and I tried and tried to get her to start. When she finally began to write her dream book, Louisa Catherine: The Other Mrs. Adams, a book she had put off starting for years because she believed she didn’t have the necessary credentials, she was the happiest I’d ever seen her. Writing brought her home to herself. 


When she got pancreatic cancer, her oncologist said he wished all his patients had a Louisa because my mother lived much longer than expected. When she died, friends and family members came together to finish the book. It was published by Yale University Press and was in The New Yorker and on the cover of The New York Times Book Review, but my mother missed her own party. So, what I could not do for her–no matter how many times I played Paperback Writer as a kid–I do for myself and for you. 


I get us to write, now. 


My mother often hummed when she wrote.


I would like you to live in the hum. I’d rather see you create what feels like a big mess but that feels wonderful and true to you than watch you struggle to hammer out something you think is perfect but that leaves you feeling hollow and filled with anxiety.


graphic of jumping rabbit
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Let's play!

Year-long group

Welcome to the Great Unstuckening! The premise of this class is super-simple: the more you practice your instrument, the more songs you can play. If, for a moment, you think of yourself as a piano, by the end of the year, I want you to have the sense you can play all your keys, freely and with wild abandon.

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Private sessions

I have the ability to see stories in people. You talk to me, and I listen for how you see the world, what questions you have, the things you have to share. I see you as a gatherer, and it’s my job to recognize the treasures you’ve collected along the way and help you shape what you’ve gathered into a narrative that pleases you.

gray rabbit


My workshops are my play labs. Whether you want to discover how much shift can happen in 90 minutes through my signature Write or Die workshop or you want to dive in with me and some of the excellent humans who co-teach (co-play!) with me in a variety of always changing themed workshops-- check it out!

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green grass

Taking Anne’s class is a microphone for the voice I wasn’t sure I had or should use. Low pressure, high reward, laugh, cry, write, grow.


Anne has a unique way of gently gleaning through words with her students. She helped me move my writing by eighteen inches, from my head to my heart.


Working with Anne has been a life changer for me.  I have always been intimidated by words. Somehow I never felt able to find the right ones.  And therefore, never interested in writing.  What Anne has shown me is that it is not about what is right, but about what is my truth.   Thank you, Anne


or I could say.....


When working with Anne I feel seen and held, while at the same time pushed off the edge of a cliff!!


Anne Heffron, virtuoso of words, nurtures the truth in me that cuts loose quite unexpectedly at each writing session. Working with her has brought me out of

the tornado and into the blue, all in the quest 'to be real'.


Anne Heffron opens doors that readers and writers have not even realized existed. She lets the light into the rooms of imagination and possibilities. She is the instigator of words. She is both a writer and a writing coach. She is amazing at both of these roles.


Working with Anne continues to amaze and inspire me to write. There is a warmth, immediate sense of trust, and mutual respect that instinctively arrives from the minute Anne starts to coach you.


Some people just make you smile for every reason. Anne is funny and is as real as it gets. She shares what she knows and challenges you to journey with her to figure out what she doesn’t know. She is a master of compassionate mischief and wholehearted encouragement.


Anne opened my world and my mind, gave wings to my words, and allowed my thoughts to play. Through our work, I have found my voice and honed my craft.

I am forever grateful.


Working with Anne has unlocked my most authentic voice and given me the courage and focus to say everything I never knew I had to say with a momentum that is like life and death. Also, she's like a magical fairy guiding us into the darkest places with the gentlest and most hilarious spirit. I've never felt so generously and skillfully supported in my own journey of writing and self- discovery.


Anne wants to hear the true story of you, the one at the heart of your being, not the “nice” one you think everyone wants to hear. Two years ago, I would have said my story didn’t matter and nobody would want to hear it. With Anne’s help and guidance, I am writing pieces of my story and growing and healing in ways I never imagined possible. I feel both challenged and a sense of calm. I finally feel whole and alive. 


ebook cover Making a Mess: Writing and Pooping

What's with all the rabbits? 

I'm so glad you asked! I am convinced the way rabbits hop around and poop without making a big deal of it has a lot to teach us about how to write. Just let it out and keep going. Know what I mean?

Want to hear more? I'll send you my book Making a Mess: Writing and Pooping as a PDF. 

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