Write or Die


Why walk into the dark when you can have a flashlight? I have written a book. I have co-written a movie. I have a blog I do for the sheer joy of writing pieces that are not for grades or money, pieces that feel like prayers or screams or love notes. I know what it takes to get something finished, and more than anything, I want to help you finish a writing project you are proud of, too.

I have three ways to I can help you get out of your own way and write the story you need to tell.  Scroll down to be inspired.


1. The Big Package

93 Days to a Manuscript

Three things helped me finally write a book:

1. Announcing to my friends and family I wasn't coming home until it was done.

2. Having daily contact with a supportive reader who provided feedback as to whether I was still in my voice. Having the authority to tell my own story was a new place for me, and much of the time that first month I felt lost. I needed constant reminding that what I was doing was important work and that I was coming from a grounded, real place.

3. Knowing who was writing, what the story was, and to and for whom I was writing. 

4. Having a time limit of 93 days. I had to finish because I had promised myself and my friends and my family that I would. That was the ticket to my success: I'd made a commitment, and I could see the finish line. 

In an effort to recreate this scenario for you, I'm offering a coaching plan where I will:

  • Be there every day to check in on you

  • Review your writing to help keep your voice strong

  • Act as a voice of reason and support

  • Ensure you know that your project matters

I will serve as a smart, intuitive cheerleader who won’t let you back away from your commitment. I am someone who believes in the story you need to tell.

How It Works

We communicate a lot. We will be in daily contact either through email, text, or by phone. We will have fifteen minutes a day where we will either talk or I will read your work and offer comments, or a combination of both. The result? You will have done it. A completed manuscript—the one you feared was out of reach is now in your hot little hand.  

Cost: $2,000 (fifteen minutes a day)  

2. Help

Private Sessions
In Person, or Via Phone or Skype

My greatest strength is helping people uncover their authentic voice while finding the heart of their writing project. I have over twenty years experience of teaching writing to both children and adults, and I firmly believe that we are all writers—despite the psychic damage that might have been done by the red pen in school. As your writing coach, my goal is to make writing feel like talking for you. To make it a powerful tool, a pleasure.

Fee: $125 per hour


3. Write or Die

In 75 minutes, we'll do a series of writing exercises I created to help you get grounded in yourself, your voice, and the story you want to tell. 

Fee: $150 





As an investigative reporter for three decades, I told thousands of other people's stories. 

Then I tried to tell my own. 

Most editors or coaches or fellow writers will basically try to tell you what your own story is rather than be a partner in helping you figure it out. I had a therapist tell me all her clients know their answers. It's just the therapist's job to pull them out. Anne's not a therapist. She's better. She costs less! She takes more time. And she's a helluva lot more committed. 

Stuart Watson

Anne has been my screenwriting partner since 2008. I took her Write or Die class and it cracked my open, I was able to see things about my writing and myself that were hidden. With her guidance, the words came out so effortlessly. I’ve been writing since I was 18, and no class or mentor has done more for me for than Anne did in just three hours. Write or Die is a must for any aspiring or professional writer!!

Antonia Bogdanovich

So much more than I expected! Anne has a wonderful ability of encouraging and somehow getting me to write and tell her stories that I hadn't realized I was holding onto so tightly. She is a gifted teacher and I feel like she has unlocked my heart and helped me to express my deepest feelings!

Erin O'Doherty