The Loneliness of the Wounded

When an animal has a wound, it goes off by itself so it can feel safe. The dictionary definition of licking your wounds reads “If you say that someone is licking their wounds, you mean that they are recovering after being defeated or made to feel ashamed or unhappy.”

The Day Before Retreat

Can you imagine you are a fish who has lived in a tank with water that is three degrees either too hot or too cold for your system and then, one day, you travel to another tank where the water exactly matches your core temperature?

Dear Universe, Here's Why I Want Billions of Dollars for Those Who Lost Their Mothers

Dear Universe, there are so many people in the world who would like to feel better heard, better loved. There are so many people who carry a story like a jagged rock inside their guts or heart, a weight they feel unable to push into the light. Children who lost their mothers or families often have even more jagged stories inside of them, and these stories hum or talk or shout inside the body and cause all sorts of mayhem. How can you focus on 2+2=4 when you have an untold story in your heart?