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I was pulling out the Dunkin's parking lot when a woman walking her dog came out from behind my car and walked in front of me. She gave me a long, mean look as she walked in front of my car, like, You almost ran me over.

Uh, I did not almost run you over. I was driving like a normal person exiting a parking lot and you walked in front of my car. I was, granted, a little worked up after thinking about the Biden/Trump (What do I call it? A race??? Isn't a race, uh, exciting and hopefully fair and athletic?) thing, and so it felt natural to unroll my window and yell YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ME THE STINK EYE!

Captain Furious spun on her heel. WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? she spat. Her dog, a golden, was unconcerned. He felt safe with his psychotic person just as Bird, who was sitting next to me in the car, felt safe with me. (One hopes.)

NOTHING, I muttered loudly and pulled out onto 128 sort of cutting off a speeding car who, luckily did not honk at me and make a bigger point of what an idiot I was repidly devolving into.

Here's to donuts and Biden and our country developing a powerful vison, stat.

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jyre Heffron
jyre Heffron
3 days ago

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