About Me


I love writing because I have a better chance of saying what I mean when I have time to think than when I talk. Both writing and talking are experimental for me. The only problem is that I can't edit what I say as easily as I can edit what I write! 

I love taking photographs because I don't have to use words at all. I've loved taking pictures all of my adult life--it's not something I've studied or claim any proficiency at doing--I just love the looking and the clicking. I see you, flower, bird, person, piece of sidewalk. You are so beautiful.

These are the reasons I work as a writing and dream coach. We have these lives in our heads that others don't see. Often we don't even see these dreamscapes, just bits of them flash into our consciousness and we walk around thinking I know there is more to me. If only I could find it.  

That's where I come in. I can see the stories people carry and I can see the ways people block the flow of themselves, their stories, their lives. It's a body thing. It's a language thing. One of my clients calls me his story duela. I love that.

I see the magic in people they can sense but struggle to articulate and, together, we find ways through story and language and whatever else is takes for a person to realize the power of full expression.  


Book: You Don’t Look Adopted

I wrote this book in 93 days. If I can do it, anyone can. 


Movie: Phantom Halo

Antonia and I made a movie. I still can't believe it. Being in a theater and listening to characters speak a world you created is amazing.