Day 26 - What if Our Feet Were Ears?

If you want to know what a dysregulated nervous system feels like, stand in the path of on-coming traffic, have three cups of coffee or however much it takes to give you the spins, and then look at your page-long to-do list.

Day 23 - Crack Pie

Balance can be harder than extreme behaviors. It’s easier in some ways to starve yourself than to feed yourself, but I’m learning to walk the middle path. You can overeat; you can undereat, and you can eat.

Day 22 - Wanting Pizza and Big Mind

Today, when I went for acupuncture to address my right eye that tires more easily than my left eye, the acupuncturist placed a needle by my temple in the large intestine meridian. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the belief is that the health of the large intestine affects the eyes. 

Day 21 - Failure is a Hot Date on a Saturday Night

There’s been a lot of talk about failure in the last few years. There are college courses on it, books written about it, Ted talks tedding about, and it’s all in a positive light. Failure, these days, in this light, is not a big F word. Failure means you are striving, that you are trying new things, that you are willing to put yourself out there and fall down. 

Day 17 - You are Your Own Target

I have spent so much of my life trying to be busy, for busyness was next to holiness in my family when I was growing up. There was always something else to do, some other box to check, another list to make, another accomplishment to achieve. 

Day 15 - Bored as Fuck

If you’ve been following me on Dr. Mark’s eating plan, and if you’re feeling strong and energetic in your body, but if your mind is starting to tell you that what you need most is alcohol or pizza or a hot fudge sundae made with Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream, start thinking about things you want to do but are afraid of doing.