Day 49 - Writer's Block, Father's Day, and Divas

This is what a lot of people call writer’s block. What I’ve learned in the last couple of years is to focus on what is pushing on the block instead of on the block itself. The block is inert, but something behind it is dying to push through. It’s what I call opportunity.

Day 48 - A Pileup of Needs

It’s easy to write what you hear other people say, to write what you think other people want to hear, to write what you have read before, to write what you think may earn you love. That’s writing, but there is a hollowness to it, no guts, no blood. 

Day 45 - This is Just Between Us

It’s day 45. I’m almost halfway done with the 93-day project. Two days ago I posted this picture on Facebook and someone wrote “you must have spiritual healing with that natural beauty” and I thought it was so funny because a minute after taking the photo, I was down in the bushes pooping.