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Upcoming short-form workshops

Are you looking for the year-long workshops? They're here!

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Altered Bookmaking with Cristina Link and Anne Heffron

Begins May 4th, 2024. Runs for 6 Saturdays from 11:30-12:30 ET

Tell your story with colorful abandon. Use a published book of your choice, gesso, watercolors, ink, scissors, words, rage, hope, and dreams to create a book of your own.


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Friendship Lab with Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao and Anne Heffron -- for adopted people

Begins June 9th for a year of Sundays. 10-11:30 am ET

Making and keeping friends can be complicated for people who were adopted and both fear and crave connection. We will spend a year of Sunday mornings in Friendship Lab, together defining and claiming the relationships we most desire.

$200 monthly for 12 months

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Camp Impossible: Name an Impossible Goal and Go For It

Begins May 7, 2024 for a year of Tuesdays noon-1 ET

Name an impossible goal and go for it this year!


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Write or Die


Write or Die is my signature 90-minute workshop. In this workshop you will be taken through my 5-question process, which helps people to get unstuck fast, and also introduces people to a new way of thinking and to new possibilities. 


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Taking Anne’s class is a microphone for the voice I wasn’t sure I had or should use. Low pressure, high reward, laugh, cry, write, grow.


Anne has a unique way of gently gleaning through words with her students. She helped me move my writing by eighteen inches, from my head to my heart.


Working with Anne has been a life changer for me.  I have always been intimidated by words. Somehow I never felt able to find the right ones.  And therefore, never interested in writing.  What Anne has shown me is that it is not about what is right, but about what is my truth.   Thank you, Anne


or I could say.....


When working with Anne I feel seen and held, while at the same time pushed off the edge of a cliff!!


Anne Heffron, virtuoso of words, nurtures the truth in me that cuts loose quite unexpectedly at each writing session. Working with her has brought me out of

the tornado and into the blue, all in the quest 'to be real'.


Anne Heffron opens doors that readers and writers have not even realized existed. She lets the light into the rooms of imagination and possibilities. She is the instigator of words. She is both a writer and a writing coach. She is amazing at both of these roles.


Working with Anne continues to amaze and inspire me to write. There is a warmth, immediate sense of trust, and mutual respect that instinctively arrives from the minute Anne starts to coach you.


Some people just make you smile for every reason. Anne is funny and is as real as it gets. She shares what she knows and challenges you to journey with her to figure out what she doesn’t know. She is a master of compassionate mischief and wholehearted encouragement.


Anne opened my world and my mind, gave wings to my words, and allowed my thoughts to play. Through our work, I have found my voice and honed my craft.

I am forever grateful.


Working with Anne has unlocked my most authentic voice and given me the courage and focus to say everything I never knew I had to say with a momentum that is like life and death. Also, she's like a magical fairy guiding us into the darkest places with the gentlest and most hilarious spirit. I've never felt so generously and skillfully supported in my own journey of writing and self- discovery.


Anne wants to hear the true story of you, the one at the heart of your being, not the “nice” one you think everyone wants to hear. Two years ago, I would have said my story didn’t matter and nobody would want to hear it. With Anne’s help and guidance, I am writing pieces of my story and growing and healing in ways I never imagined possible. I feel both challenged and a sense of calm. I finally feel whole and alive. 


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