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Camp Impossible: Name an Impossible Goal and Go For It

Camp Impossible: Name an Impossible Goal and Go For It

Begins May 7, 2024 for a year of Tuesdays noon-1 ET


Name an impossible goal and go for it this year!

Hi Campers! This is a year-long free group for people who were adopted.

Please join me for a year of Tuesdays if:

1.  You are able to commit to attending Camp regularly. (Life happens, I know, but regular most sessions.)

2.  You are willing to focus on what is possible to achieve in your life.

3.  You want to be a cheerleader for a whole group of people as well as for yourself.

4.  You are willing to change.

5.  You agree to give me some sort of gift at the year’s end that reflects what you got from the class.

I have learned a lot from writing two books about being adopted and from helping the winningest coach in Ivy League history write a book about her leadership style. 

I want to share my optimism and desire for peace of mind, felt safety, love, success, awe, and wonder in life. 

I want those things for me, and I want them for you. 

I believe in collaboration and hive mind. 

I believe as a group we can do almost anything.

Let’s test that idea out and see what happens!

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