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Updated: Apr 21

It only took one time, but I am a floating sound bath hog. It was an experience I think about almost every day, still, months after having done it. It has taken me all those months to write this post because I wanted to keep this place all to myself, but that’s not nice. I’m finally spilling the beans because Wednesday night, April 24, you have the opportunity to experience the full moon floating sound bath run by Kristen Bala at The Deep End, with sound therapist Kathleen Hubbard.


The pool is in Kristen’s house. That is a true story. It is also a true story that Kristen is an astrologer and, I suspect, an angel. You’ll know what I mean when you meet her and see the effort she puts into this event. It’s so over the top it’s…it’s…it’s like if you hit the bottom of your Christmas stocking to find a ball of gold jammed into the toe instead of the usual warm orange.


Think intentionality. Think well-organized. This support group. Think sound bowls. Think many, many, many sounds bowls. Think yourself into the pool, floating and supported by hammocks or noodles, think yourself in a room with glass walls and what looks like stars all over the ceiling. Think yourself surrounded by Reiki practitioners in the water with you, women who go from person to person, placing a sound bowl on your body, making music of you, helping you fly into your deepest self with the energy of their hands as the woman playing the larger sound bowls turns the entire room into sensation.


Even if you, like me, can’t get to Kristen’s house on the full moon and have this experience, what you can do is to remember your body and mind and spirit’s hunger and need to let go and float, to feel supporting hands, even if they are your own, saying, I’ve got you.


But if you do get a chance to go, please write to me and tell me every detail so I can float along with you.





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